XXL Bully Pitbulls, Big Gemini Pitbulls represent the best of the best whe it comes to large XXL Bully pitbulls that range from 100-150 lbs.

These are the thoughts and words of Andre Smith founder and owner of


Hello friends thanks for taking the time to read my blog/ random thoughts and memories that have accompanied me on my journey to becoming a professional XXL bully pitbull breeder who has consitently shipped top quality XXL bully pitbulls to happy clients around the globe for the past 6 years.  It has been a very pleasurable learning experience.   I have learned a lot about the breed, breeding, and the crazy cast of eccentric characters who come from all walks of life to be involved with these noble beasts.  It’s a trip…..I have sold to Doctor’s, Dentists, lawyers, Police officers, Breeders, dog enthusiasts, collectors, children, families, your average citizen, proffesional MMA fighters, NFL players, college students, etc…….. not to the thugs and idiots who abuse and misrepresent the breed I adore.  It is really refreshing to see the quality and caliber of people who are purchasing my babies.  I think the general public would be shocked if they knew …..

Pitbulls. XXL bully pitbulls.  Monster Pitbulls.  Large pitbulls. OMG!!!  They viciously attack random people for no reason!!!    They will randomly attack children, and even their owners!!  They sense fear and it triggers their intinct to murder, murder, MURDER!!  There is evil inside of XXL bully pitbulls that cannot be tamed.  I f you see one grab your kids and run for your life.  You can tell how aggressive and demonic they are by the stern look that seems to always be plastered across their faces.  BEWARE, BEWARE BEWARE!!!!  We must ban this breed before it kills more of our citizens and attacks their helpless children. This is what the media has taught us our whole lives, and it is all not based on facts.  If they took the time to truly researxh XXL Bully pitbulls, Huge pitbulls the largest pitbull, etc… they would see that the breed’s history is quite the opposite of the way they are portrayed in the media,  let me give you a real history lesson on the XXL Bully pitbull or the american pitbull terrier.